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It's Alive!

Understanding the movement of electrons


With the assistance of some stickers and some chocolate stars, Mrs Gent helped us to understand parallel and series circuits. 


Mitts off my bits! 

We have been talking pants in Year 6.

Parents, find more information on the NSPCC website: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/underwear-rule/


In 6G, we have had an open forum where we have discussed relationships, including how to keep safe by talking pants!


Making blood!


As we have learnt about the circulatory system, the class has developed a secure understanding of the mixture more commonly known as blood. With the aid of food colouring (yellow and red), blueberries, cheerio, marshmallows and some salt and sugar, the class were able to calculate percentages to be able to create their own bottles of blood...wow!




In our learning in English, we are reading the classic text: Frankenstein. To be able to access it, we are reading the Usbourne version for more able readers... 



Writing as Captain Robert Walton, we have created blogs under the genre of recounts that inform. We thoroughly enjoyed building Lego scenes to act out the events that Robert witnessed...



Writing letters:

As the events of the text have unfolded, we have moved on to learning about the genre of recounts and how letters can be used to inform. After making use of the padlet app, we moved onto tea-staining paper to write our very own letters as Alphonse Frankenstein...




Newspaper recounts:

Finally, the last installment of our journey of writing recounts to inform has seen 6G journey into the land of journalistic writing. By learning about the events of poor Justine (hung for the murder of William) we have been able to report on the shocking and grotesque news that had befallen the folk of Geneva at that time. 


Here we are, hunting for clues as detectives to piece together a news story...