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Internet Safety


What a fantastic start to the new term! 6C have been very busy writing their Frankenstein Blogs. Whilst writing their Blogs, we have explored how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. We have created posters, that are suitable for a younger audience. I have been very pleased with the creativity that has been put into making these important posters. 


Just because we can, does it mean we should?


Within RE this term, we are exploring the above question. Our first stop along the journey to answering this question, is to discuss religious viewpoints on Cloning. The children were asked, if they could clone an animal which would it be and why? 


We have created Pop Art images of the animal we would clone, in the style of Andy Warhol. 


Would it be right to resurrect extinct animals?


During RE this week, we have had an interesting and exciting debate on whether it is acceptable to clone extinct or endangered creatures. Together as a class, we developed arguments both for and against the question. We used the ideas to create a balanced argument. 




What kind of world does God want?


Within class collective worship this week, we discussed what kind of world do we think God wants. We had a lot of thoughtful discussions. 


 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.' Genesis 1:1


Symbols for electricity



During Guided Reading, we have been reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The children have been thoroughly enjoying the gripping tale. We have just read Chapters 6 and 7; we created a diary entry written by Dr Jekyll mid transformation. I am really enjoying reading the entries from the children. 


To accompany our writing on Frankenstein, we created fantastic portraits of Frankenstein's monster. The children used a range of mediums; including, pastels, pencil and watercolours.  


Fantastic attention to detail and resilience has been shown, when creating a portrait of Frankenstein's Monster to accompany our writing. 

DT- Frightening Frankenstein Models


6C have had a fantastic week creating their Frankenstein models in DT. They have created their own design criteria, according to the brief they were given. They have designed their models, taking into account what materials and components were needed. 


Once their models were completed, they were then able to add their circuits to them, this would make the eyes light up and Frankenstein would make a noise. They were able to add circuits by applying their learning from Electricity earlier on in the term. 


Overall, their models have been a huge success and I am very proud of how the children have applied their learning, shown resilience and demonstrated attention to detail.

Well done 6C - they look awesome. 



What does mutual respect and tolerance for diversity look like in Britain?


We had a great discussion about mutual respect and tolerance for diversity. We spoke about what they look like and how do we know if it is being shown. We have created artwork to answer the question above. 

Design Technology: Frankenstein Monsters


WOW- what a fantastic week! The children of 6C have successfully finished their models. They have applied their knowledge and understanding of how circuits work and are set up. Take a look below at the spooky monsters with light up eyes; some of them even flash. 


Circulation System: Making Blood


6C had a fantastic time exploring the process of the circulation system and its job role. We applied our understanding of each role and made our own blood. 



WW1 Interest Week


What an amazing start to our final week of Term 1. We are very fortunate to have been given some giant chests, each containing a person from the war. We have had lots of fun in our groups today, exploring the items within each box; we even tried on some of the costumes.

Look out for more updates as the week goes on.