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Term 2

Curriculum overview Term 2

Welcome to our class page for term 2! Take a look at the rich rich learning and immense fun we have had during our learning as we seek to make the difference.


Through enquiry, we are exploring the causes, impacts and the experiences of those who lived during the time of The Great War. We have been fortunate to explore the biographical boxes lent to us by the local church which contain replica artefacts, letters, smells and sound bites. 






Building upon our learning from term 1 (where we explored fair ground models and different strengthening techniques) here we are, using tools and accuracy to create our fairground models to fulfil a brief. Our use of Computer Aided Design is supporting us with this as well as our exploded diagrams that we have drawn...




Tennis and hockey are both sports that we have previously focussed on in PE in the past. Now that we have the skills, and the basic understanding of both games, this term we are honing our techniques to be able to play with accuracy. 




Learning about Peter Thorpe's art and his technique in Year 5 has meant that we have begun the term with an understanding of what abstract art is. Over the next two terms, we are exploring cubism through the lens of Pablo Picasso's artwork... 




Since we are able to talk about our families in French, we are now developing this by learning different professions and adjectives to describe people. 




To be able to maintain your own part within a song is important when singing as part of a choir or ensemble. For our service of remembrance, we have mastered the singing objectives from previous year groups as well as beginning to apply harmonies. Visit the video resource centre to see our performances!




Through the use of the Kodu Game Lab, we are developing our understanding of functions and programming this term.



What does in mean if God is holy and loving? During this Understanding Christianity unit, we are going to explore the different denominations of Christianity while working towards answering our big question about the nature of God. 



Last term, we learnt about healthy and unhealthy romantic relationships while exploring differences between people including their gender identity and their sexual orientation. From this, we are working on assertive communication and how we can ensure that our friendships are healthy. From term 1, we know the importance of consent in a range of situations, now we are applying this understanding to friendships and the pressures, secrets and dares that we my come across as we mature. 



Light! As we continue to strive to answer the question: 'How has scientific understanding changed over time?' we have moved on from electricity and we are now exploring how light travels and behaves.