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How does Boston fit into the world?

Hooking the children

To explore the shape and names of counties, the children were able to use the QR Codes to then locate them on a map. They had great fun trying to find them and name them.



Musicians of the future





The first step to any learning of new instrument, learning how to hold it correctly. It didn't take long for lead learners Jacob and Liliana to share their top tips and assist with the handling of the ukulele. The children progressed onto naming parts of the instrument and playing chord C. An impressive start was made by them all, including Mrs Morris!

Fables in action

The Fox and the Crow was the first fable the Year Three have investigated. After reading, watching and ordering the the story, the children then had the opportunity to perform the story. Lots of acting skills were displayed and some progressed to using different voices for the characters. Well done 3M.



What is the symbolism of water?

After mind mapping as a class the different ways water is used and recognised, the children recorded some words in chalk on the playground and then threw water on them to symbolise how water cleans. Some children linked this to cleaning of sins by Jesus. The children thought about the flood in Noah's Ark and the washing of the disciples feet.


Basketball moves


These very talented pupils have been learning how to hold, bounce and move with the basketball. After many attempts, the children are beginning to gain control of it and move into space with their ball. Some children have progressed to do this with some speed too. Well done.

Capturing the positives of Boston

After identifying all the wonderful features of Boston, both human and physical the children then decided to draw and use watercolours to capture the impact they have. The children realised how some create employment or joy to others, thus creating a positive impact and also understanding that Boston impacts the world.




Big Write Love


These children are fantastic and so enthusiastic about their learning, especially when it comes to a Big Write. It is always a great way to see them applying learning from genres previously taught. Content and punctuation is improving very nicely indeed.

Classifying fable characters




After reading lots of fables, the children whilst working with a partner read the clues and had to match the character to the clue. The children were fantastic at this!


Reading for pleasure

These two just summed up how much children in the Forgiveness class love reading!

Ukulele Fun

As the weeks progress so do the musical skills of these children. We can now pluck and strum in time to a song, find the C chord and play it in time and some can even locate the F chord too.


Computing in the classroom

After several weeks of exploring various instructions which have included following routes inside and outside and using a microwave, the children are now progressing onto programming instructions using a simple algorithm (commands) on Turtle Academy. The children certainly were excited watching the turtle move around the screen. 




Dividing two digit numbers

Using the tens and ones counters, the children looked at how to group the numbers to divide by 2, 3 and 4. They have began confidently and some progressed quickly to using drawings too.



Evaluating Boston

After thinking about the positive features of Boston, the children recognised that the town also needs some support to improve it. They were quick to identify areas or causes that would benefit. After discussing in groups the children have mind mapped some suggestions.




Comparing Jesus' baptism

Lots of discussion was had about the two images of Jesus' baptism. The children identified the key features in both paintings such as Jesus, water and the dove as the Holy Spirit.

Country Dancing

The children have been learning a sequence to perform to the accompaniment of music. Using partner work, the children can use their hands and feet to continue the sequence.


National Story Telling Week

With the use of text 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin', the children had great fun reading and learning how to retell it with the use of expression, pausing and actions. It was wonderful to see the pupils excited and using unfamiliar words with such enthusiasm.







Doctors at Work

After learning about the foods needed to have a healthy lifestyle, the children read some information about patients and decided what they would recommend to them. The discussion and advice presented was brilliant. I will be sure to ask them next time I need a doctor visit.




Parent Event - Can you build a build bridge that can hold a certain amount of chocolates?

After school the children with their parents worked very hard to design and build a bridge to try and hold a certain amount of chocolates. The communication was wonderful and the team work very impressive. Testing was fun!




Designing and building a bridge

In Design Technology, after learning about the purpose of bridges and looking at many, the children designed their own and then went about making it with a partner. They drew on their new learning of strong shapes and thought carefully about the purpose.






Compass points

To assist with the learning of compass points the children looked at a map of Boston and had to identify the direction certain places were or what was in certain directions. Lots of discussion was had after running around following directional language.


Spirited Arts - How can we be like God when showing forgiveness?