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How does Boston fit in the world?

Wow! What a great way to bring our DT unit to a close. This morning, we finalised our drafts of our structures and then we made our bridges using teamwork, paper, tape and wood. We were so impressed with the outcomes and we had so much fun in developing our sawing skills. Excellent work Honesty Class!


This afternoon, we had our parent event which is linked to our DT topic 'Structures'. We were set a challenge from the Mayor of Boston to design a structure that could hold the most amount of chocolates. This quickly turned into a well mannered competition (especially between the parents!). It was such a lovely atmosphere and amazing to see parents, children and siblings working so well together. Here are just a few pictures! 




This week is a very exciting week as it is story telling week. We were very excited to find out that this week, we will be learning all about the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Here we are on Monday, acting out the story in the hall and retelling the story. 



On Tuesday, we thought about the main parts of the story and the emotions that were being shown using our prediction and inference skills. 


On Wednesday, we channeled our inner characters and pretended to interview the characters so that we could understand how they felt and what they were thinking at various parts of the story.



On Thursday, we re told the story using story maps that we drew using just pictures and then re told the story to one another, remembering the detail and the emotions from the week. 


On Friday, we were lucky enough to be joined by parents as part of our reading morning. We read books from our book corner, completed book reviews, drew our favourite part of the stories and some children decided to retell the story of the Pied Piper to their parents. What a fun morning was had by all.



What an amazing week we had!

We were lucky enough to have some quality time with Reverand Jane this morning. She came in and read us a story from the bible and had a chat with us. We all enjoyed spending time with her as we reflected on our week Reverand Jane was very impressed with our work on the Trinity in RE. 

In RE, we have started our work on the Trinity and what it represents. We went outside and we wrote words that we feel are linked to water and what water means to us. We then had to choose which words were important to us and then the words that were less important, we washed them away with water. This was so that we could understand how water is important to Christians and what water represents when we are baptised or christened. 


Wow! We are loving our new reading area. It is set out like a jungle so that we can tackle our VIPERS when reading. We love to kick back and relax and read a book from our bookshelf and lose ourselves in our books. 

In Maths this week, we have been using the grid method to help us solve multiplication problems. We have been using place value counters to help us understand the different multiplication calculations. 

Today, Mr Shortland lost his voice but the children still wanted to listen to Gangsta Granny at the end of the day. In stepped Charlotte as she read our class novel. What an amazing job she did!


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In Music, we have been learning how to play a Ukulele. Here we are demonstrating the C chord and learning how to play within a song. I have been so impressed with the resilience that the whole class have shown as they have learnt to play this amazing instrument.

The fox and the crow

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In English today, we have been performing the fable 'The fox and the crow'. We spoke about the different personalities of the two animals and how the fox was cunning and the crow was suspicious. Can you work out what the moral of this fable is?

In PE this term, we are going to be working hard on the sport Basketball. Today, we have started to work on our ball control by dribbling the ball. We worked hard on ensuring the ball stayed close to our body and keeping control of the dribble as we moved around the sports hall. Excellent progress 3S!