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Dear Children and Parents,


Recently we added a plan of various activities for you to complete should you choose, along with various links to games and activities. Many of you have shared with us that you are reading each day which is fantastic! As we approach the Easter holidays this will not be updated,  as we want you to enjoy spending time with your families and hopefully some Easter sunshine. However, from April 20th you will find a new overview to help you with you learning.

See the poster for a few Easter suggestions to keep you busy! I'd love to see the other things you've been up to- please get in touch and let me know!

Home Learning Week Beginning 23/3/2020

I hear some of you are unable to open the word document above so here's photos of the document. Remember to spend time enjoying the sunshine in your garden too if you can! #staysafe

Home Learning Ideas 


I know some of you would like some ideas of things to do that do not need the internet/iPads. I'll try and add a few ideas each week and I'll try them too and show you what I've achieved!


Create a rainbow picture for your window to symbolise hope. You could draw this, use toys to create a rainbow on the floor, or choose a different medium. I created a stained glass window- what do you think? 


Create Zentangle patterns- see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycsONJVXcac for some ideas.


Use the image below and write some adjectives to describe it.

Now create sentences to produce a setting description using the adjectives to create expanded noun phrases. Remember to use some adverbial phrases too- I know you love prepositions too!

Beneath the dark, mysterious sky, there were a multitude of orange, glowing orbs. Standing back in amazement, his mouth open in surprise, Joe could not believe his eyes. Where had they come from? What were they? He was about to find out.


Maybe you can continue from my opening?


Why not use a dice and roll it to create different calculations. You could roll a dice 8 times and create two 4 digit numbers. Can you add them? Can you subtract them?


Now roll the dice four times- create a 3 digit number and then multiply it by the fourth number.


Can you use the same 3 digit number and divide it by the fourth digit?


Remember to use your times table flash cards that have been sent home. Now you know them all- try mixing them into different sets so you have a range of calculations in each one. 


Can you create your own board game about Europe? Maybe you can use your knowledge of countries, capital cities and other famous landmarks? I'd love to play them afterwards- make sure they have clear rules so I can't cheat!


If you need anything else, please get in touch!