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Fun Friday

Once all our learning is complete, we end the week with Fun Friday. Whilst Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Smith enjoy time working 1:1 with children on different elements of our learning, the children enjoy choosing the activities they would like to do.


It is always great to see the children developing their skills in this time.



This week Jessica and Isabella had the number cards out and practised counting and ordering in 10s. Braiens and Alexandru were creating their own stories using the puppets in the reading area and Corey and Lucas used the fuzzy felts to create a new world of their own. Logan and Ashton worked as a team to complete a set of jigsaw puzzles where they showed good communcation skills to decide which pieces they needed and where they should go. Meanwhile we have our teachers of the future! Maja read a story to Ava and Nastia used our RWInc word cards to test Leja on her sounds.