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From Stone Age to Iron Age



Testing rocks

At the end of term, the class carried out an investigation to see which rocks were permeable and which were impermeable. The children were able to ensure it was a fair test by using 100ml  of water in each container. Today, we measured the remaining water to draw our conclusions.

Then this afternoon, we tested the rocks in other ways. The children to test the durability of the rock (thinking about whether the weather would cause to erode), test the strength of the rock and then if it had a high or low density (float or sink). It was a very exciting afternoon.

Forgiveness in Action

As part of our Collective Worship, the children listened to a song about Forgiveness, discussed and reflected and then even showed how they may forgive. The children were very thoughtful about how Jesus even forgave as he was nailed to the cross! They spoke about times where they had forgiven others at home and school.


Gymnastics on the floor and on the apparatus

The children have been investigating their bodies can move and then balance (staying still). They had to explore performing this on the floor and on the apparatus. It wasn't long before the children were challenging themselves in interesting shapes.


Parents join in learning about the layers of soil

As part of the Open Afternoon, the parents joined in our Science lesson, whilst learning about the different layers of soil. The children were eager to show their parents the classroom and the work they were doing. After making little information books, the children then used cereals, raisins and marshmallows to make a visual representation of the five layers.



Comment ça va?

To develop our conversations in French, we have learnt how to say and explain how we feel. 'ça va bien, ça va and ça va mal.' To help show and share these feelings, we have made faces. What do you think?


Keeping Safe on the Internet

In our Computing lessons, we are always discussing how to keep safe on the Internet. This week, we thought about what it would take to make a recipe of safety. This linked nicely to our work on instructions from previous learning in English. The children were confident in explaining ways to keep safe. For example, do not share personal information.


Suggesting ways to solve problems and situations


During discussions, the children had to think of advice and ways that they could solve the scenarios provided. They suggested different ways they could get help or make the situation safer. This included the use of fireworks.

Researching into Skara Brae

After watching a documentary about Skara Brae, the children in pairs discussed the information and made useful notes. When they felt they had all the information they needed, they had displayed it in the form of a leaflet. They had to promote visiting the unique site.


Pudsey comes to 3M

The children enjoyed their visit from Pudsey after helping to raise money through a bake sale the previous Friday. The children understand the importance of helping others in the local community and the wider world. They were very proud to have been part of this!

Design Technology in action



The children have been exploring the texture, smells and tastes of gingerbread, just like a real business would. They learnt that the best way to develop a new product was to evaluate what was already on the market. So, with a selection of different branded gingerbread, the children set about explaining what they liked and disliked into a table.

Gripping the class with stories


During Big Write, the children had an opportunity to drop everything and read their stories out loud. The children were so gripped, they couldn't wait to carry on writing their endings. It was wonderful to hear the imaginative work and then see many previous skills being embedded. I especially enjoyed seeing Y3 suffixes they we have covered this term!

Thinking skills linked to Islam



In R.E. the children were given some clues to discuss within a group about objects they would find in a mosque. The children had to figure out and use the clues to explain what they were and their purpose. It was an insightful activity and lots of thoughtful discussions had. 

PowerPoint skills developing



This week in Computing, the children have been inserting images and then resizing them, inserting a subheading and underlining (something learnt last term) it, as well as adding information. Some children progressed to the extension activity of adding a background colour. Well done 3M.

Measuring Length



In Year Three, the children have been learning to measure carefully in cm and mm. They learnt that whatever way up or angle the line was, they must start the ruler at 0cm. Great discussion was heard and children were accurate.

Planning an experiment

Children had an exciting Science lesson, when planning their own Science experiment with magnets. The children mind mapped ideas and only had the support of a word bank. This class really will change the world when they are older. Great scientific language used.

Exercises through the day


As part of the school day, the children participate in exercises in the morning and in the afternoon. This is to aid with ensuring the children are moving more, help with general well being and understanding how good it makes them feel. It is a big hit with them and the staff!


Making Connections with diaries


Part of the start of our topic of 'Diaries', the children had to read the diary extracts and match them to the characters that they learnt about in Year Two. The children were fantastic at making connections with the subtle clues.


Pleasure in Reading


3M have been taking every opportunity to use the Reading Cave and Reading Garden to explore the books and take time in reading them. This class adore their books.

Discussions about multiplication


Children have been discussing in groups about what multiplication looks like. The children were able to access equipment and draw visual representations as well as make notes. It provoked a lot of questions and ideas about what the children knew and didn't know.

Developing gymnastics skills


Our gymnastic skills have been progressing nicely over the term.The children have been applying their floor skills onto the equipment confidently. Their jumps are particularly impressive as you can see!

Selecting a new class read!

After finishing Stig of the Dump the children heard about two different books and after a class vote, the children selected The Secret Dragon. I wonder what will happen in it!

Christingle Making




Our link with St Thomas' Church saw Trevor come into school with Mrs Tweedy to help the children make christingles and learn about the meanings that go with it. The children were thrilled with their end result.

Our Christingle Service




What a delight it was in church today! The children shared with parents the important message of the christingle and then sang carols as we prepare for Christmas. The singing was fantastic and what a treat to hear Silent Night in Polish with some parents supporting too.


Christmas Art for cards and calendars

The children worked very hard to ensure their cutting skills were precise and accurate in order to layer the paper carefully to create their Christmas scene for their card. The calendar saw the use of dabbing for StoneHenge and developing the use of a tonal approach for the background. They did a marvellous job!




Dragon Den style pitches through History

To promote inventions that have influenced our lives today from the Bronze and Iron Age, the children worked in groups to share the positives of the invention and had to persuade Mrs Morris why she should invest in it. A lot of fun was had and Miss Sharples even popped in to see the children in action!




Magnet Madness

As part of our Science work, the children had to investigate what attract and repel meant. They decided how to do this with their partner. The children certainly were amazed at what they saw and were quick to show and explain what the words meant to me.



Pride through homework

Wow! What fun we had with presenting these incredible projects! Here are just a few.