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Food, Glorious Food!

Are all foods glorious?


To start our term we created a beautiful lent display. We thought about ways to be kind and gestures that we have already done. 

We will continue to add to our display throughout the term. 


This week we have explored our senses in science. We identified the five senses and what they look like and do. We then conducted an experiment. We all ate 4 different cakes, all different colours but tasting the same. We then ranked our cakes depending on which we preferred and wrote comments. We discovered that our eyes help us taste. Most of us described the pink cake as strawberry flavour and the black cake as chocolate! 


This week we have looked at the word 'hygiene' in Design and Technology

We explored what it means to work hygienically by sequencing instructions on how to wash our hands well. After sequencing, we took our jumpers off, tied our hair back and washed our hands well with soap. 

Once clean, we then prepared a jam sandwich being mindful of our hygiene by not touching our face in between prepping the sandwich. 

Today we remembered our hygiene rules as we learnt how to cut, peel and grate different fruits. We carefully used the equipment to slice our fruits in different ways. We were careful not to injure ourselves and we washed our hands thoroughly. We loved to taste the different fruits and write about their flavours and textures.