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Easter Holiday

Both Mrs Smith and Mrs Tewnion are very proud of how hard the children have worked this term. We both wish you and your families a very Happy Easter!


We would like the children to rest from school and come back next term refreshed and ready for some new learning. However, we would also like them to keep up with their reading and number skills. Here are some ideas for how you might do this together.



We are sending home some nonsense words for the children to practise reading. We would particularly like them to look out for the split digraph sounds.


They have their reading book but we encourage the children to read anything; packets of food, instructions, signs, or stories to younger brothers/sisters. 



We are trying to help the children to develop their understanding of number. Encourage children to help you count the coins in your change at the shop, group their toys in 2s 5s or 10s to count. Can they read numbers when you're out and about? How many tens and ones in 2 digit numbers? Do they know 1 more or 1 less than that number? Can they say a number bigger or smaller than the number?