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Term 2

Curriculum overview Term 2

Recyclable Fish 

For our hoop design this year, we are creating Fish as a symbol of Jesus. We are making our Fish using only recyclable materials to highlight the recyclable waste that can be found in oceans and sea and how these materials can harm the animals that live there

Big Write

What an excellent start to a Big Write lesson! Our talk for writing took us outside as we discussed leaves and how they feel when they fall from a tree in the Autumn. We spoke about how they feel in the Spring at the start of their life cycle and how they feel in the Summer when they are basking in the sun or if they are desperate for rain to protect them from the heat. We couldn't 'leaf' without having some fun beforehand!

Maths - Column subtraction

In Maths, we have been working on our subtraction skills this week by solving calculations in the written method that require multiple exchanges. I have been impressed with the resilience that the Hope Class have shown this week and the compassion that our lead learners have shown in supporting their friends. You continue to make me a proud teacher Hope Class!

English - Art in English

Art in English? Has Mr Shortland gone crazy!? We have been enjoying not only the phrases in our 'Tell me a Dragon' text but also the artwork as well. We love how the artist has captured the personality of the dragons that supports the descriptive phrases. So we just had to design and make our own dragons using whatever media we felt expressed our dragons personality best. Excellent work Hope Class!

English - Tell me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

We have started our new book in English in a slightly different way this week. We played pass the parcel and every time the music stopped, we unwrapped a layer. However, on each layer was a phrase. We recorded these phrases and spoke about what they could be describing. We used our prediction and inference reading skills to make our own judgements using the evidence we had before us. Then when we reached the final layer, we were incredibly excited to see that we would be using the text 'Tell me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris. When we read the text, we were in awe of the art work and the phrases that were used. We can't wait to use this text in English.


We have really enjoyed taking part in Yoga this term and creating lots of different poses. We take this time to reflect on what we have to be grateful for and a time to look after our mental well-being as well as our physical well-being. We start and end each session by saying 'Nameste' as a sign of respect to one another. We have been working on controlling our breathing especially when holding our Yoga poses whilst listening to relaxing music. 


This week, we have started creating our calendar in the style of the artist Georges Seurat. We have filled in the trunks of our trees using brown paint and a crayon. We have then used the crayon to help us create the dots close together. We can't wait to continue to work on these and send them home for the new year!

Big Write - Role Play

For our Big Write today, we had to write the story of Little Red Riding Hood with an alternative ending that involved the three bears from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We enjoyed pretending to be a character whether that was Little Red Riding Hood or a bear. This then supported us with our story planning. Super work everyone!

Children in Need 2020


What a spotty day we have had! Today saw us come into school in spotty non-uniform as we supported Children in Need. All week, we have been following the videos of Joe Wicks as he has discussed ways to look after our physical and mental well-being. This week, we have also taken part in a sponsored mile run where we ran around the playground 20 times!

Well done Hope Class for supporting a charity that means so much for lots of families and children!

Science - Investigating solids and liquids


In Science, we have started to discuss what makes a solid and a liquid by discussing their properties. We investigated lots of materials such as shaving foam, raisins, washing up liquid and various other materials. We then discussed as a group whether the material was a solid or a liquid. We then discussed that some materials cannot be classified as they change state when they are heated or cooled such as jelly. Excellent investigating Hope Class!

Art - Alberto Giacometti

In Art this week, we have painted our sculptures that we made in the style of Alberto Giacommeti. This has now brought our learning to a close. Keep an eye out in school where you may see some of our sculptures being displayed.

Computing - Scratch


In Computing, we have started our learning on using the algorithm programme Scratch as we aim to make our own quiz with responses. Today, we investigated which blocks would be good to use for a quiz and how we could start to programme our quiz.




This term, we have started our Yoga unit. In our 1st lesson, we learnt the key word nameste and explored some Yoga stretches as we followed the story of sun salutation. We loved our first session and can't wait to continue our Yoga learning.