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Do global changes affect Boston and the wider world?

Rousseau exploration


To start our topic off the children have learnt how to sketch tigers linked to Henri Rousseau. We used the picture 'The Tiger in a Tropical Storm' as a stimulus. We focused on the shapes to create the tigers. We are all proud of them.

Mosque visit

Last term we had been learning about Islam. To embed our knowledge, we listened to the Imam share lots of information before looking around the mosque and asking questions. To conclude our trip, we acted out a prayer sequence. We were fascinated by the building and all it's features.





Country Dancing

The children have made enormous progress when developing their dance skills and sequencing of movements.




Spooky Spelling takes over

As part of our spelling work, the children have been thinking about the pre-fix of 'super'. Children take it in turns to wear the glasses if they have worked particularly hard or have improved their spelling.


Fraction Fun

The children have been working hard on learning the value of fractions by being able to recognise the denominator and the numerator. It was fantastic to see the children explain the difference of a unit and non unit fraction. They were also able to identify the fraction from an image.




Lent in action

Explanation writing

We have been looking at the genre of explanation writing by watching how a toaster works. The children were very confident by the end in explaining it to one another.


Developing composition and look at the thickness of brush strokes

After studying the work of Rousseau and identifying how his pictures were structured and composed, the children created their own leaves in a similar way. They were only allowed to use blue, yellow and white to create the varying tones of green. It was great to see the children rotate the orientation of the page as they became creative with the  sizes and shapes of the leaves. They continued to look at the work of Rousseau and commented about how some shapes were closer and some further away.





Mapping Madness

To develop geographical knowledge, the children have used atlases and maps to locate 8 European countries: Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Lativa. The children had great fun trying to find them and remember where they were. The follow up lessons showed a great understanding of the map.


Decimals at work




To help associate fractions and decimals, the children have been using the metre stick to count in 10s. They quickly recognised this as one tenth and then 0.1. They then progressed to predict what the number would be as a fraction and decimal. 

Greek Dancing

Linking nicely with our European countries, the children over the next few weeks in Dance will be exploring the sequences in specific dances. This week we focused on those from Greece. The children certainly enjoyed moving their bodies to the music and trying to link in a small group. It took a few attempts to begin with.




Composition in Music

After weeks of learning how to play certain chords, we have progressed onto learning how to compose our own tunes. We used certain drawings to represent the chords before attempting to play the sequence of notes. It was great to see the children using beats of four and editing and improving their composition. 




British Values

During class worship this week, we thought about how as children at St. Thomas' we displayed the different  British Values of Tolerance, Diversity, Liberty, Respect and the Law. The children were very confident about how we displayed these. Here are just some of the ideas; voting for school counsellor and sports captains, following the rules in class and around the school, valuing all people and trying to understand other religions by learning about them and visiting their place of worship, valuing everyone's ideas and sharing ideas and opinions. Great ideas Forgiveness Class.



A love of reading

As we continue to develop and share our love of reading, the children have been exploring areas of the school to listen to stories being read. We rather liked this area developed by Mrs Smith.



This was a fun session led by Mr Melson. The children had to use clues to locate the next clue or objects linked to compass/map references. This has linked nicely to our work from last term about Boston and using a compass. The children were very animated explaining what they had been doing and why they had been.





Analysing information in Geography

Building on from European country hunting, the children learnt some of the countries that were in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. They understood where Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Brazil were. After this, they then recalled where the 8 European countries were before reading and answering questions about the countries in the Southern Hemisphere. The children were articulate about the amount of rainfall, sunshine hours and daylight hours and the temperatures.





Application of prepositions

Having read the story of The Tiger's Child and using the sketches of their tigers and cats, the children were able to use the prepositions into their own sentences about them. They were encouraged to vary the sentence openers too. Impressive work!







Mother's Day Cards - embedding the skill of washes and layering for composition

Here our some of the final products created for our wonderful mothers and carers. They really have progressed in their skills of creating washes and layering. Impressive work everybody.

Mrs Favell your ideas are always appreciated and always look fantastic!









Rousseau completed

In order for our pictures to be complete and embed the skills Rousseau, the children looked back at the work we did on creating a wash and then how they painted the leaves. There was a lot of discussion about the position of leaves and of course the tiger. Once the children had created all of these, the fun began of the creating their own composition. Every child had the biggest smile on their face with their finished product. So did their teachers!