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Church School Council

Our Church Council represents the views of all our pupils. They give children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole community.


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Welcome to the Church School Council part of our website.


We are a group of twelve willing volunteers, who meet once a week to help to keep the spiritual side of the school alive.


Our priority is the school’s collective worship. We start our worship when we light the candle, to show that Jesus is the light of the world. This provides a calm focus on our journey in the hall and brings a feeling of spirituality and welcome to God. It is our job to choose the hymns and often to say the prayers. At least once a term, we take a whole collective worship, and we work closely with the church clergy who visit fortnightly to deliver a worship. We strongly value our links with the church.


We are very fortunate to have our Reflective Garden, we use this during break times and classroom; as part of our everyday learning, worship, prayer and as opportunities to be reflective, calm and to feel at one with God.

Prayers for Peace

The Church Council beautifully sat and prayed with parents and Reverend Jane last Thursday, whilst they reflected and thought about peace for all those in need around the world. They wrote thoughtful prayers which were added onto the display in the hall. Some of the children even featured on Calendar News sharing their thoughts and prayers.





Prayers for Peace

Expectations around the school

Just like the staff having consistent expectations of learning behaviours around the school, the children would like to ensure that consistency is seen and viewed by the children too. They have interviewed and discussed with the class about this and will report back their findings next week.

They will be litter picking outside to ensure the environment is clean and tidy after the recent weather. Their enthusiasm was fantastic and concern was heart warming.

Collective Worship

The children in action leading 'I am the Vine!'





'I am the Vine' Collective Worship

The children worked hard to design and create props, a PowerPoint and a script for their worship they are delivering next week. After learning about the 'I am the...' statement, the children set to work immediately. They are looking forward to delivering it next week. Cannot wait for the children to spread their message.

Reviewing the impact of leadership

With the introduction of new leaders in school, it is important that we understand the role they play and what impact has been seen. The children divided up the roles and set off to observe them at work and interview them about the work they do. The children came back and reported some brilliant work and some great reflections from them.


Librarians - 'They really are making a difference. They have been sorting the books and finding out what needs ordering. One of them told us that it has helped him with his own mind set and has given him a focus.'


Digital Leaders-'We have been looking at how to create informative posters to help parents understand what is appropriate for their children to access online.'


Language Ambassadors - 'We work to translate work and conversations into a child's own language. It helps them to feel more comfortable. We also help them to learn English.


Church School Leader - 'It has made me reflect on my own choices. I am a role model so it is important to choose my actions and words more carefully. I am glad I can make a difference.'


Renaming the Acorn Rooms

As always, Miss Sharples set a creative and important challenge for the Church School Council. They had to rename the Acorn Rooms to coincide with the launch of the new logo. After discussion time, they came up with The Dove Room and The Olive Branch. The children will work towards creating some art work to support this.


https://cliparting.com/dove-clip-art/   (Copyright)

Updating the school community

To inform and update parents and carers of the work we do, the children created their own letter. They shared information all about the antibullying day too. It was an excellent letter that was well received by all.

Church School Letter

Charity Discussion

Part of the work of the Church School Council is to help decide the charity that the school will work towards raising money for. After discussions were had about what charities are and the good work they do, the children returned to the classrooms and voted for their top three. They then shared this information with us all.  The top three will now be discussed with other members of the school - Active Mind, UK Heart Research and Women's Aid.

Interview process

Once the children had submitted applications of interest, the children then prepared and stood in front of their peers to prove why they were the best person for the role. The class then voted and two children were then sent through to the next round. Mrs Morris and Mrs Bell then interviewed them focussing on what skills they could bring to the role and asked them for their own suggestions about how we could move the school forwards.