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Boston in the Blitz

This term we announced our chosen class name virtue. As a class we discussed the qualities we have and how we demonstrate these through actions. We came up with a selection of virtues that we thought would represent our class well. We narrowed the list down to one choice. We are pleased to announce the chosen virtue is Humility. 

What a fantastic time, exploring what Boston was like during World War 2. We have plotted on a map of Boston and the surrounding area, the sites where different bombs fell. We explored a range of photos taken in the 1940’s in Boston. This was a very interesting lesson learning about the past. 




After exploring the artist Pablo Picasso, we delved deeper into the art movement of Cubism. We used our learning of what elements a good Cubist portrait should contain and applied this to our own portraits. A great selection of portraits have been created. 

We explored a range of sketches portraying life within World War 2, we discussed and chose our favourites, before creating our own pencil sketches. Great attention to detail was shown throughout the lesson. 



6C have had an interesting afternoon discovering what planes were used during WW2. We explored planes belonging to both the RAF and the Luftwaffe.we looked at the similarities and differences of both planes and then discussed which we liked the best.


Within Maths, we used our knowledge to accurately measure a variety of items and record the results using the correct unit of measurement. We discussed reasonable and unreasonable answers, and used this to help us make an estimated guess.