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Big Write - Where did the alien come from?


A hive of activity was created as we entered the classroom after lunch. We predicted, analysed, questioned and explained to one another what we thought we had been met with.

"Don't touch it, it's alien goo, it might be toxic!" shared Orestas.

"The number of eyes show how important the alien is on its own planet, the more eyes they have the more senior they are," suggested Lucy.

"They've only come here because they have heard about all the amazing resources we have on Earth and they are feeling jealous," added Jessica.

See some of the examples of writing this chaos produced!

The children chose the genre of writing they would like to use to address their audience. Diaries, information texts, letters and news articles were all seen. Well done 5S, I loved your enthusiasm for this and the discussion that we had about it before we started our writing.