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Battles, Bombs and Bullets


During Classroom collective worship this week, we discussed the Big question ‘Why do we remember?’ The children wrote prayers to reflect on past events and remember the brave service men and women who sacrificed their lives. They gave their today for our tomorrow. We shall remember. 



What a fantastic parent afternoon. The children had the opportunity to show case their learning in P.E, demonstrating their skills within Gymnastics. Thank you to all the parents that attended and for the lovely comments. 



Year 6 wrote very poignant messages to remember the brave men and women who fought during the wars. 


We had a very successful lesson mastering our multiplication skills. We were able to use our knowledge and apply it into a variety of problems, including finding the missing numbers to complete the calculations. Well done 6C! 


In English this week, we have started reading our novel War Horse. Before reading, we explored two different covers for the book. We discussed the similarities and differences between them both and the effect they had on the reader. Afterwards, we explored the blurb and discussed the ending rhetorical question ‘Will Joey ever find Albert again?’. We made predictions about what we thought might happen in the novel. 


This week we have started reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, we have used our retrieval skills to answer questions about the text. We have had a go precising a chapter in under 120 words, this was a challenge but we managed to be clear and concise. We are looking forward to reading on to find out more. 




Today in class we had a visit from Reverend Sue. She spoke to us about the help and support that happens in our community. As a class we discussed the Food bank, which we have previously donated food to, and the importance of it. At St Botolph's Church, there are many things that happen to help the community, for example: free breakfasts and a place for the homeless to sleep when it is cold and wet. We enjoyed listening to Reverend Sue about helping in our community. We are keen as a class to help and support our community in a variety of ways in the year. 


Within Computing this term, we have been exploring Spreadsheets. We completed a pre-assessment to what we thought spreadsheets were, who might use them and what do they use them for. When we found out that you could complete many tasks on a spreadsheet, we put our skills to the text and inputted data. We then learnt formulas to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide data. 


We were very fortunate today to have a visit from a Harpist. We have learnt many amazing facts about the harp. It was a beautiful instrument to listen to being played and we found out that the harp is played in many soundtracks for films, which we soon recognised. 


In Science today, we investigated how light travels in straight lines and how we can prove it. In pairs, we created a box out of black card and we cut a shape into the side panel. When we used a light source to shine onto the panel, we noticed that the shape appeared on the inside of the box. We were then able to discuss with Miss Clark how light travels in straight lines and how it cannot pass through the card because it is an opaque material. 


In Maths, we have practiced using a formal method for long division. We ensured that we wrote our multiples down the side of our calculation and then we followed the steps to success carefully. When we were confident, we completed fluency style questions. 



Within our RE lessons this term, we have been exploring the big question 'Is God holy and loving?'. Throughout the term we have explored biblical texts to discover what people of the Bible said about God and identified how Christians show that God is holy and loving through music and the church. Today we used the knowledge we have learnt across the term to weigh up how biblical ideas and teachings about God as holy and loving might make a difference in the world today. 


Within our World War One topic, we have been exploring the use of Semaphore. We designed and created clearly made flags and practiced the signals involved in being able to communicate a message effectively. We discussed why Semaphore would have been used during the war. We had lots of fun sending messages to each other.  


In Science, we investigated a range of materials to find out whether they were opaque, transparent or translucent. We made our predictions and wrote our method out before completing the investigation. We then wrote up our findings and results. 


We had an interesting discussion about values and virtues in Class Collective Worship. We spoke about a virtue being an action to a value. Then we had a conversation with our partners to which virtues we regarded as important. Overall as a class we thought that kindness and showing humility were important virtues to show.