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Term 2

Curriculum overview Term 2

Welcome back to Autumn Term 2.

We can't wait to get started and share our learning with you!


We begin by revisiting our learning about the Anglo-Saxons and then look at the Viking invasion and settlement of Great Britain.

What do you think?

Vikings; Vicious or Victorious?

What is your reasoning for your answer?

 What do you think Vikings looked like?


Christmas Craft Afternoon

To celebrate Christmas, we had fun talking about how we would celebrate at home with our families and spent time making Christmas trees from paper and cards, decorating them too. Some of us enjoyed some mindfulness colouring to enable us some reflection time about the year we had had,

Historical Artefacts

We were lucky enough to have the loan of an artefacts box filled with replicas from the Viking era. Working in pairs we spent time making observational drawings of the items, discussing them, identifying what they were made from and talking about what they may have been used for in Viking life.  Many of us could use our knowledge from researching for our homework projects too!

States of Matter

Presented with a plastic bottle with the lid on, we were asked to see how easy it was to squeeze it. Finding it tricky, we identified that with the lid on the bottle is full of air- a gas, even though we can't see it. Once the lid was removed we could easily squash the bottle as hte gas could escape from the bottle.

Maths- Estimation and Measuring

In Maths we estimated how far we could we run in given amounts of time and how far we could jump. We then wrote down our estimations and then the actual measurements. We also rounded distances to make addition easier to estimate and then check the actual total, discussing the differences between estimations and actual.


Exploring collage, textures and different materials, we created fish for our hoop decoration. The hoops depicted the life of Jesus and our focus was on the symbolism of the fish. Many people saw him as a fisherman, not only did he have many fiends who were fishermen, he also said he would help his disciples to become- 'fishers of men'. 


Pointillism- Georges Seurat

Next term we will begin to look at the work of Georges Seurat and his pointillism style.  As a pre-assessment we used his style to explore creating trees depicting each season. 


Lino Cut Printing

Our Art this term focussed on printing. We were able to create designs on paper, trace them onto lino and then use tools to create  a relief print. We began by creating drawings of Viking longships and some of us used these for our prints. We then developed sketches of a stable scene to create prints for our Christmas cards.

Life as a Leaf

Big Write this week made us reflect on what life must be like for a leaf! We went outside and watched the leaves that were left on the trees and discussed seasonal changes. What would life be like for a leaf? How might it be feeling being the last one hanging on to the branch whilst it can see all of its friends on the floor being trampled on by children! We had wonderful discussion and some great writing produced as a result!


Strengths Within a Team


In PSHE we have been exploring our own strengths and those of other members of our class team. After listening to some famous sporting personalities discuss the diversity within their team, and the many talents they all have that create the team, we identified what we bring to our class.


Dragon Art

After being inspired by Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris, we created our own dragons.

What talented artists we have in Courage Class. I wonder what our dragons will be like and the adventures they will get up to?


Tell Me a Dragon

What could be inside?

After a quick feel we guessed it was a book- although some of us secretly hoped it was an Advent Calendar!

Magical music accompanied our game of pass the parcel. When the music stopped we unwrapped a layer and was given a clue of some words or phrases from the book. These promoted a lively discussion and lots of predictions about what the book might be about.  Recording our predictions, we then made further predictions once we had seen the front cover, what would the book be about?


Everyone was mesmerised by the book and the beautiful artwork. We can't wait to use it as our focus text.

Road Safety- No Need for Speed!

This week we have explored the theme of National Road Safety Week- No Need for Speed. We also revisited how we cross the road with care, particularly as more of us are walking home independently. After our discussions, we created our own film giving information about speeding. Head over to the Video Resource Centre to watch it.

House Point Winners!

Here are some of Courage Class who have already earned their Bronze certificates for gaining 100 house points. A big well done to them!


Enjoying the time to be still, explore our breathing and learn techniques we can transfer and use easily at home, we have loved our yoga sessions together. We recalled the sun salutation flow and then explored some of the different poses there are. Working in pairs, we chose some of them to make our own flow to perform and share with others. We are building up a great knowledge of the names of the different poses, especially liking the different animals we can create!



We were set the challenge to create fish, exploring the use of different materials and textures.

Reflecting on our knowledge of the life of Jesus, we have explored why fish were significant as a symbol of him and his ministry.



In readiness for our learning next term about Georges Seurat and his style of work, we are beginning to explore pointillism. Using different shades of colour we are building up images using tiny dots. We can't wait to share our finished work with you!


100% Attendance Winners!

We are very proud to be the weekly attendance winners again, this time with 100%.

Well done Courage Class!

Like Azad said, "We just love coming to school."


Children In Need

Over the week we have spent time reflecting on how Children In Need supports those who need it. We have loved engaging with Joe Wicks as he has led us through reflection, identifying ways we can connect with others, support our own wellbeing and challenge ourselves to try new things. 

Getting active.

We loved wearing spots to help the charity raise lots!

Solid, liquid or gas? Prove it!

In Science we have started by exploring solids and liquids reflecting on the question,

'What would life be like without solids?'

We then explored solids and liquids so that we could begin to define some of the properties of them and sorted them into two groups. Using what we know we then made observations of shaving foam- is it a solid? Is it a liquid? What do you think? Can you explain your thinking?


How did Vikings like to travel?

Our key question this week was to discover how the Vikings travelled to Britain. We began by being Saxons spying on the Vikings approaching the shore. In teams, we took it in turn to spy look at the image of the Vikings in their longboat, returning to our team to draw what we could see, after 10 seconds drawing another member of the team sneaked a peek before returning to add to our drawing. We then researched more facts known about Viking longboats and answered the key question about how the Vikings chose to travel and why.



Our PSHE learning this week was all about secrets and those which are good to keep and those which are good to share. We concluded by playing a game where we needed to keep a secret, identifying it as a good secret as everyone would find out in the end. The orchestra game allows us to recall our knowledge of miming playing different instruments with a secret conductor showing us the instrument we need to mime. A detective then comes in and tries to guess who the secret conductor is. 

Stars of the Week

Our first stars of Autumn Term 2 are great role models for our class.  Our reader of the week has shown great enthusiasm for her reading all through the Autumn term so far. Our values certificate was awarded to a young lady who always demonstrates our core values each and every day and is always helpful and kind to others. Our star of the week has had a great week, working hard in all areas of the curriculum, especially in Maths- she loves to share her knowledge with others.


Wellbeing and Yoga

Taking time out for our mental and physical wellbeing, we enjoyed our first lesson of Yoga together. Focussing on our breathing and the different shapes to tell a story, helped us to focus our mind and concentration. We can't wait to continue with it!



Alberto Giacometti

Retrieving our knowledge of Alberto Giacometti and his sculpture work from last term, we added the clay to our wire maquette. We tried hard to focus on applying a thin layer of clay to create our sculptures in different poses.

Talk for Writing

This week we have watched How to Train Your Dragon for our English writing stimulus. We have explored the character of Hiccup and got into his role, as we introduced ourselves in first person orally before putting it into writing for our readers.


We start term 2 mathematical learning revisiting our knowledge of addition. Quickly recalling the total of single digit numbers and how this supports us in our addition of larger numbers. We have recalled our learning on place value from term one and quickly progressed from adding three-digit numbers to working accurately with four-digit numbers including making the exchanges needed when we have a total greater than ten in each column.