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Term 1

Sadness, Joy and Hope

To conclude our RE unit on Salvation, we reflected on times when we have felt sadness, joy and hope. I think this sums up our fantastic term, 'I felt joy when I came back to school.'

'I felt hope when they said we could come back to school.'

After identifying times of sadness, joy and hope, we designed a triptych to show this.

Alberto Giacometti

After creating our pipe cleaner sculptures, we then created them from wire. Using clay, we added a thin layer to our wire maquette to create a sculpture in the style of Giacometti. We thought about the pose we wanted our sculpture to depict, ensuring they had elongated limbs like the work of the artist studied.


Balance and Stability

Part of our fitness unit is to improve our balance and strength. This week we practised our balance by focussing on our stork hold. Having a point to focus on helped us to keep our balance. We then jumped from one foot to the other, trying to remain balanced as we landed with control.

How does sound travel?

Creating string telephones, we explored how sound travels. Speaking into the cup creates sound waves which create vibrations at the bottom of the cup. These vibrations travel along the string and are converted back into sound waves so we can hear what our friends have said to us. We know that sound travels through the air but it travels better through solids, like the cup and string, allowing us to hear sounds that might be too far away when travelling through the air.

Harvest Prayers

We discussed the importance of giving thanks at Harvest for all of the food that we have. and wrote some prayers to be displayed in church.  


Our poetry this term was exploring Kennings and writing our own. After identifying the use of nouns and verbs to create the descriptions, we created our own Kennings for animals often seen in Autumn.


Sharing Our Love of Reading

We have loved sharing our reading recommendations with one another. Setting up our reading recommendation shelf and had great book talk as a result. We were also lucky enough to have a book read to us by one member of the class whose Dad is the illustrator!


Thinking of the Community

After sharing the story of Ruth and Naomi from the Bible, we created some cards to share with the local community. Exploring the theme of caring for our elders in the story, we thought of those who may not see their family or have any family to celebrate their birthday with them and made some cards to share with a local nursing home.

Our Stars of the Week

Our stars this week have been working extremely hard! Our Star of the Week has shown great resilience in English and Maths this week, along with a great attitude to learning in all areas. Our Reader of the Week has shown a great pleasure in reading this week and has been picking up his new book to read in every spare minute! Our Values award went to someone who demonstrates great respect for others, is always ready to learn and do her best, along with helping others- a great role model for Courage Class! Well done to you all.

Alberto Giacometti Sculptures

After the success with our pipe cleaner sculptures of figures in the style of Alberto Giacometti, we loved using wire. After making the structure, we covered them in foil ready to add some clay- we can't wait to see what the finished sculptures look like.

Sequencing Numbers

Exploring four digit numbers this week, we discussed the vocabulary of ascending and descending to sequence them. When we turned them over we had  a nice surprise as they spelt out some key words from our learning in History!

Mile Challenge

We loved taking part in the Boston School Sport Partnership Mile Challenge this week. Split into two groups we took it in turns to lead warm up and cool down and then running twenty laps of the school playground. We showed great resilience as we didn't give up and were all keen to do all twenty laps. Fellowship and encouragement was given to those finding it tricky, it was a great team effort.

Harvest Reflection

Rev Jane led a reflection about Harvest over Teams this week. After asking us some true and false questions about Harvest, we then thought about those that do not have enough to eat in our locality and around the world. 

Courage Class Worship

We had the great pleasure in presenting our Class Worship over Teams this week. We loved explaining our class name of the virtue Courage along with a drama based on Beowulf and some key facts about our learning in Science, PSHE and History. Head on over to the Video Resource Centre to view it for yourselves. Remember to reflect on how you have shown courage recently.


Comparing Numbers

As we move on with our place value learning, we have been comparing four digit numbers. Identifying the largest and explaining how we know using the correct terminology has been fun!

Our Stars of the Week

This week we have a Historian for our Star of the Week, a young lady who has worked extremely hard in Guided Reading lessons for our Reader of the Week and a member of our class who always demonstrates the core values in all that she does. What great role models we have in Courage Class!


For mental health and wellbeing day, we concentrated on the way we can support one another when we are not feeling quite right. We discussed some of the things we can do to help ourselves and shared our words of wisdom on the speech bubbles to create a list of advice for one another when we are feeling a bit lost.


Safety in the Home

This week we have identified dangers in the home. After discussing ways we can be safe at home and help to keep others safe, we created our own Safety at Home booklets to share our advice with others.

Beowulf Hot Seating

Collecting information for our news articles, we worked as journalists to interview eye witnesses for our stories. Writing lots of questions to gain further knowledge and understanding, we then interviewed our friends who took on the role of Beowulf. Taking the words they had answered, we began to write these as quotes using the correct punctuation for our articles.

Fitness Fanatics!

We continue to work hard with our fitness training each week as part of our PE lessons. Improving our stamina, strength, co-ordination and agility, we focussed on our strength this week. Completing squats, push ups, sit ups and bridges we had to focus and concentrate to hold each move. We finished by trying out our stork poses again to look at our focus and balance!

Did Anglo-Saxons settle around Boston?

At first we looked confused when faced with the question, did Anglo-Saxons settle around Boston? After thinking about where they came from and looking at our location on a map we began to think maybe they did. Using maps and key information about how they named their village settlements, we were shocked to discover that Boston is in fact an Anglo-Saxon word, the '-ton' meaning enclosed village. This new found knowledge also told us that Wyberton, Frampton, Kirton, Sutterton, Donington, Gosberton and Benington were also villages still named after Anglo-Saxon settlements. We loved looking at maps of the locality to identify other Anglo- Saxon settlements like Sleaford, Grantham and Ropsley. We had some very keen Historians in Courage Class.

High Pitch and Low Pitch

As we continue to explore sound in Science, we were given the homework challenge of creating pan pipes to investigate the way the length of the pipe affected the pitch of the sound it made. We were really impressed with everyone's home learning and the pan pipes created, well done Courage Class (and parents!). We then explored other instruments within school. We were treated by A to the high and low pitch notes being played on his guitar and looked at the thickness of the strings to compare how the sounds were made. We then explored the xylophone and the length of the bars and how they create high and low pitch sounds.

Stars of the Week

This week our Stars of the Week include a young lady who has worked hard in all areas of the curriculum this week. Every piece of work I have had the pleasure of looking at has been to the best of her ability and she has shone throughout the week. Our reader of the week is a young man who loves to read and has shown his understanding of text by making fantastic inferences when exploring an extract from The Secret Garden. Our Values Certificate when to a fantastic role model of the class, who is always respectful, ready and eager to learn and a great friend to others. Good job Courage Class!

Reading for Pleasure

Courage Class could not wait to choose a book to read at home for pleasure. Look at the array of different titles and authors they have chosen, and their smiles of excitement! I can't wait to hear about their reading over the weekend.

Which book would you choose?





Thinking of the Community

After being given the suggestion of creating cards for some of the older members of our community, Courage Class could not wait to get started! First, we shared the story of Naomi and Ruth from the Bible and the relationship they had. We then explored the theme of sending love to make our cards with a love heart theme.  Here are some examples, we can't wait to show you more.


Le Monstre

In French we recalled what we knew about colours from our learning in Year Three and then began to learn about parts of the body, beginning with the facial features. After reading about 'Le Monstre', we created our own monsters and wrote our own descriptions in French. A great job Courage Class!


Place Value

Using place value counters, we recalled what we knew about three digit numbers and introduced the concept of thousands. Ensuring we all knew what the value of a thousand is in hundreds, tens and ones was vital and allowed us to progress through the week to begin to explore partitioning four digit numbers in different ways.

Church School Council 

What a talented bunch we have! Eight amazing members of Courage Class put themselves forward to represent us on our Church School Council. The work these children had put in at home to write speeches and create posters to persuade the rest of the class to vote for them was amazing. We had a really hard time choosing just two people we each wanted to vote through to the next stage, in fact we had a three way tie, so three of our wonderful classmates will go through to the next round. We can't wait to see who is chosen.



After reading the first few chapters of Beowulf, we took on the role of King Hrothgar and created Wanted posters for a hero.  Applying what we know about adjectives to create expanded noun phrases and some persuasive language, we are hopeful that someone will come and help him!


In PSHE we have been exploring relationships and how we can be good friends. After discussing different scenarios, we thought about the support and advice we could offer others who are struggling to form relationships. This work has been enhanced by our learning in Computing as we explore online relationships and ways to keep ourselves safe and be good Digital Citizens.


Celebration Time!

Three very worthy winners this week!

Our Star of the Week is celebrating for always showing engagement and excitement in learning across the curriculum. Our Values in Action award was given for showing the school core values and being a good friend to others.

Our first Reader of the Week went to someone who has been working really hard on their reading, reading at home and school and showing enthusiasm for our class novel in Guided Reading.

Well done to you all!


Alberto Giacometti Poses

Exploring the work of Alberto Giacometti, we noticed that many of his sculptures are of people. His simple style, with elongated arms and legs, gave us lots to think about as we posed our friends and made quick sketches of them. We thought carefully about where the limbs were and how best to sketch them. 

Here we are in some of our poses!


Exploring Vibrations

In science we are exploring sound and the way in which it is produced and travels. Working in groups we took it in turns to hit the small drum with a beater and watch what happens to the rice placed on top of it, while the other members of our group were observers. We had lots of fun hitting it gently, medium and then hard and watching the rice jump! We quickly noticed that the harder the drum is hit, the louder the sound and the bigger the vibrations.

Sequencing Writing

After creating our timelines for the events in Denmark for King Hrothgar, we began to think about how we might sequence this in our writing. We explored different words that show the passing of time and the different ways we can use them.  Placing adverbs of time on party hats, we read the word, wore the hat and said the sentence we could use it in in Hrothgar's diary, we then write the sentence. Chatting with our friends and playing with the words we came up with many creative ways of using them correctly to sequence the events.

Arise King Hrothgar!

After reading the beginning of Beowulf, we have created Wanted posters for a hero to help save Denmark and now we are focussing on diary writing. Getting into character as King Hrothgar, we thought about how he might be feeling at different points in the epic poem. We created timelines of the key events for him and added on the different thoughts and feelings he might have had. Beginning when Denmark is doing well, with lots of money and prosperity, to the joy of building Heorot, a mighty fine hall for his amazing warriors, moving on to the terrifying attack of Grendel on his men. We can't wait to write his diary entries for each of these events!

Reflective Garden Relaxation


Making the most of the nice weather, before Autumn is firmly here, we went outside and relaxed in our Reflective Garden. Feeling the warm sun on our faces and the gentle breeze, we were able to revel in the beauty of the world around us. After spending time being still and quiet, we wrote our own prayers.


We are very lucky this year to be continuing with the Ukulele. We began by reminding ourselves how to hold it correctly and the different ways we can pluck and strum the strings to produce different notes. 


History Detectives

Who were the Anglo Saxons?

Today we searched for clues outside, reading facts and exploring webpages from QR codes, to read a little about who the Anglo-Saxons were, where they came from and why they may have travelled to settle in England.

Why do you think they wanted to settle here?


Stars of the Week

Our stars this week, C was our Star of the Week for demonstrating a good attitude to work across the whole curriculum and for always being engaged in his learning. E received our second Values certificate for being a fantastic role model and always demonstrating the core values in school. Well done to you both!


Sprinting to Success!

In our Fitness unit of work we have been focussing on improving our sprinting technique. After completing a baseline assessment of our skill, we then experimented with running on the balls of our feet, getting our knees up nice and high and looking forward as we ran. Moving our arms from our pocket to our mouth, we began to increase our speed and agility.

Our Stars This Week

A big well done to the first stars of Courage Class this academic year. Our star of the week has been an amazing role model, ready to learn, attentive in class and quick to answer questions. He has also shown resilience and worked hard in all areas of learning. Well done, keep it up!


Our first values certificate was very much deserved. Always demonstrating our school core values, working well with others, applying herself to all areas of learning, asking questions and showing great patience make her a very worthy recipient, well done!

Alberto Giacometti

Our art this term focuses on the work of Alberto Giacometti. After looking at some of his sculptures and talking about their key features, we decided to make some of our own. Using pipe cleaners, we created people with elongated arms and legs and began to add foil to give the same effect as his work. We were really engaged in our work and can't wait to complete them!

What makes a river, a river?

In Geography we have been thinking about what makes a river, a river. After identifying what we already know about rivers, we were introduced to five of the world's most famous ones. We found out some key facts about each one and identified the country they were in.

Can you recall where we would find the Yangtze River?

What do we know about the River Nile?

Can you name the world's largest river found in South America?  Which country is it in? 

What do you know about the longest river in Africa?


We were then challenged to draw what we thought a river looked like and add in any key features we thought were in important. I wonder how our drawings of rivers will change over the time of our learning this term?

In English and Reading, we have been looking at the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf.  Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, starts off as a very content King pleased with how successful Denmark is. After building a hall, which he names Heorot, for his warriors to use for feasting and meeting, his fortunes begin to change. An evil, gruesome monster is lurking nearby. After being woken by their laughter and merriment, the monster strikes. Breaking into Heorot, he snatches some of the warrior and feasts on them in his lair. After months of finding anyone who dare sleep in Heorot missing by morning, Hrothgar is heartbroken. The monster must be found!


After reading the description of Grendel the monster, we created our own sketches of what we imagined him to look like. Using our knowledge of adjectives and nouns, we added description to our images to identify some of his key features.


'strong, muscular legs' Yanar

'razor sharp teeth' Sonny


Gruesome Grendel

The Colour Monster

We started our year together exploring The Colour Monster book. Discussing how the monster was confused by the different feelings he had, and how he was helped to sort them out, we identified the different colours we associate with our feelings. Like the book, we created our own set of feeling jars, allowing us to identify some of the different feelings we have at different times.


In some of our Classroom Collective Worship time, we have been thinking about the importance of giving thanks. With the Colour Monster in mind, we created thank you cards to take home, thanking our parents and carers for keeping us safe during lockdown and teaching us at home.