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Term 2

Week 1

It has been an incredibly exciting first week back in Year 3! In English, we started our new unit of learning which focuses on writing our own narrative. We will be using Visual Literacy as our stimulus and began to look at the scene 'Hunting for Breakfast' from the film 'The Croods' (2013). We have spent the week mind mapping descriptive language from the scene, ordering the key events and role playing the scene to recreate it in groups! We now know this scene inside out and we love it! We will use our knowledge from this week to begin planning our own narrative in the two weeks. Well done, Year 3!



Also, we started our new unit of work in Music this week too. This term we will be learning about notation. We will use the Ukulele to apply our knowledge of notation later in the term. This week we learnt the note names, their durations and some rhymes that help us to remember them:


Every Good Boy Deserves Football (EGBDF) = notes on the line 


FACE in the SPACE = notes in the spaces 


We watched this fantastic clip to help support our understanding - please take a look: 







Week 2

This week we progressed with our 'We Will Rock You' theme where we started off with recapping our prior learning and knowledge from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. We then move forward in time again to visit the Iron Age and explored the similarities and differences as time has evolved. Children had to be critical thinkers and begin to articulate how the Iron Age people's knowledge and skills had advanced over time compared to those of the Stone Age and Bronze Age. We also discussed how they created inventions that have impacted our lives. 



In French, Celine visited us once again to teach us more about her language! The children have started to learn to ask the question: 'What is your name?' and the response of 'My name is...'. Celine said that the children had picked up these phrases fantastically well in no time at all! Excellent work, Year Three! Thank you, Celine - it is always lovely to see you!



Week 3

We have had a great week finishing our narrative writing through Visual Literacy. We used The Croods (2013) as our stimulus and story mountains for our planning. Take a look at our learning journey on our working wall below. Great work, Year 3! 



In Computing, children have continued to develop their knowledge of algorithms by using directions to create different shapes and polygons. They applied their skills by using the computers in small groups. We took it in turns reading the directions whilst another team member applied the algorithm to create the shape. Great team work! 



We also really enjoyed #RoadSafetyWeek2020 this week. We sorted scenarios into fair and unfair groups to initiate a class debate. It was interesting to explore different points of view and discuss the importance of road safety in our every day lives. 




Week 4

In Maths, we have been learning about equal groups by referring two lots of Year 2 knowledge including times tables. We used iconic and practical methods to embed understanding of grouping through the use of repeated addition, multiplication and division. Some children have also started to use the inverse to help them too. 

The children learnt how to use a butter and vegetable knife safely in DT. They progressed from using slicing to dicing skills. The children understood that some of the ingredients were used by our Ancestors in the Stone Age but some of them looked very different to what we see today. For example, potatoes used in the Stone Age were the size of peanuts! The children were incredibly excited to add stinging nettles to our soup too. Mrs Stockwell and Mr Kirkman stewed the soup after school so we could see the finished product the following day! The teachers were challenged to test the soup themselves - they were successful! Well done for creating a tasty Stone Age soup, Year 3! 


Week 5

Christmas festivities are well underway in Year 3 this week. The children have learnt how to weave baskets together. We discovered that we have some weaving leader of learners who offered support to other children who needed some extra help. Children also used water colours to create parts of their jungle scene, developing layers and use of colour to express how we view the seasons.  Children used water and dabbing to effectively begin to paint their key physical features in their landscape. Great work, Year 3!