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Are all metals magnetic?

We started this term as scientists as we conducted our first experiment (which we were very excited about!). We discussed what the word permeable and impermeable means and we made predictions on which type of rock Stig would like to live in. The experiment will continue for 2 days. 

The results are in. We have been observing which rocks have allowed the water through and which rock would have been suitable for Stig to build his house in. The results showed that the sandstone would not be the best rock for Stig to build his house from.

Wow! What a great start to the term and what a great turn out to our open afternoon where lots of parents came and spent time with their children during the class. We spent the afternoon looking at the different sections of the soil and understanding what they are made up of. We then made an example of the different elements of soil using marshmallows, cheerios, coco pops and raisins. What a great afternoon! 

Today in computing, we have been working hard on powerpoints as we continue to create a presentation about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Today we have been learning how to add a new slide and also add images into our powerpoints. We can't wait to keep adding information and sounds onto our presentations to make them exciting! 


Today in PE, we focused on making our body in particular shapes using static body shapes. We spoke and experimented with the basic body positions in gymnastics (star, tuck, pike and straddle). We then practiced each position and observed how we can make the shapes whilst being in different positions. We then finished our session with a warm down where we sat on the floor and carried out a pike squeeze where we squeezed our legs against our partners.


Today, we started our topic of Magnets and Forces. Our theory that we were testing was 'it will take less force to make a car move on a smooth surface'. We tested this bu thinking carefully about our method and also what it takes to ensure our investigation is fair. The 3 surfaces that we tested our theory on was the carpet, the table and artificial grass. After completing the investigation, we were able to articulate our answers with evidence and agree that our theory was correct.




We were very excited to be raising money for such a worthwhile cause. The children all came in spotty clothing and very kindly made donations to our cake stall. The children spent time in Collective Worship thinking of those that are less fortunate than those and offering a blessing over our donations that it will benefit those that need the help the most.



Today in French, we worked hard on working our greetings in French. We went outside and was focusing on how we greet others and asking what our friends names were. Tres bien 3S!



Today in English, we have been researching the monument of Stonehenge and making notes to help us with our non-chronological reports. We worked together to identify the key information and how to write effective notes. We can't wait to publish these reports!


'Today children, we are going to be sampling different types of gingerbread for our research.'

Chorus of cheers from children!!!

Today was a pretty special day as we sampled 5 different types of gingerbread from different retailers. We evaluated the colour, texture, taste, spice and appearance and ranked it in order of our favourite. We will then discuss which features we would like to take forward into our own design ready for the Christmas Fair! I suppose there are worse lessons we could do on a Monday afternoon!


Preparations for our hoops are coming along nicely. Here we have the children painting their stained glass window with glass paint after they have painted their stencils with special equipment. I cannot wait to see these completed and hung in the hall for all to see!


In RE, we have been focusing on the religion Islam. The focus for the lesson today was understanding where Muslims pray. The children had a series of clues to which they had to match up to the pictures and explain why they have decided that they match up. Excellent reasoning skills 3S!


We have taken a break from addition and subtraction this week in Maths and have turned our attention towards measuring length. The children were very surprised to see that the classroom had been attacked by the masking tape monster and they had to measure the tape to the nearest cm. They were even more curious after the tape monster had left long pieces of tape in various spaces around the classroom. However, the children were very quick to realise that they needed to use the meter stick to measure the longer pieces of tape. Excellent problem solving!