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Term 2

Curriculum overview Term 2

Exploring Art...

In Art we have been taking a closer look at our key artist, Paul Klee. We have looked at his work and explored strategies to use in our own art work. We have also looked at primary and secondary colours in our art lessons and how these can be categorised into warm and cool tones.


During our Maths lessons in Term 2, we have been learning lots! From 2D and 3D shapes, to odd and even numbers, to part part whole models.

We have been learning the names of shapes, identifying whether they are 2D or 3D and sorting these into groups. We have enjoyed finding everyday objects around the classroom and school to implement our shape knowledge.

We have enjoyed using our counting stick to help us with odd and even numbers - we are so good at identifying them!




In our geography learning we have explored the United Kingdom and the 4 countries that sit within the UK. We have enjoyed learning about this and we applied our knowledge when making salt dough maps of the UK to paint each country. From this learning, we have been able to further our learning by exploring and understanding maps.


We went outside and used a map of the school to understand how to locate ourselves and how to follow a map. We have been looking at viewpoints of maps which have been from aerial positions and we could apply this by drawing our own aerial view maps of our school. We then looked at human and physical features and labelled our maps according to what we could see in our surroundings and which feature they came under. We are super geographers!

PE - Yoga

This week we have been applying our Yoga skills in our PE lessons by successfully working with our partners. We listened to each other and shared ideas to create a paired yoga flow. We were able to choose actions that move fluidly to create a yoga flow. We applied techniques to control our breathing throughout - in through our nose and out through our mouth.

Guided Reading - Cops and Robbers

Our guided reading sessions have been so fun whilst reading Cops and Robbers. We have loved exploring the story and using our Reading Vipers to understand the story and apply skills to interpret the story. Our favourite aspect has been predicting what will happen to the villainous Grandma Swagg!

Maths - Number bonds and addition

We have been marvellous in Maths! We been able to use lots of previous learning to support new learning and we are absolutely fantastic mathematicians! We have been comparing number bonds to and within 10, adding more to a number and creating addition number sentences whilst being able to recognise fact families for these too. 1D love maths learning!