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Term 2

Curriculum overview for Term 2




To start term 2 off, we began with looking at the word tolerance and learning about some awe inspiring people! We were asked to learn about the Liverpool football player - Sadio Mane. We discovered that he donates his wages to people in his home country of Senegal. This means that they have been able to build new school buildings, hospitals and much more. After learning about these amazing acts of kindness, we asked Gentleness Class what they would do if they had money to share. The children discussed and then drew some amazing ideas including: building houses for the homeless, providing cars for people to travel to work in, buying food and clothes for people who are without and building strong roads so people could travel to each other. 


This links to our overarching question of this term - Are actions more important than words. We discovered that these kind actions are much more valuable than any words could be.  




This week in Maths we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We started by discussing what we already knew before diving in to our new learning. We enjoyed matching the 3D shapes to their names and pictures. Afterwards, we carefully thought about which 2D shapes make up the faces on a 3D shape. 

Colour Mixing 



This week we are learning about painting in Art. We started by revisiting what we already knew about painting including the names of different colours. Then we looked closely at the three primary colours and how these can be mixed together to create three secondary colours. To help us remember, we independently explored how to mix the primary colours together to make the secondary colours. We carefully coloured in different 2D shapes to link to our Maths learning and to help introduce us to our focus artist: Paul Klee. 





This term in PE, we are studying Yoga. It focuses on our flexibility and ability to control our movements. We have enjoyed learning about different poses and how to control our breathing to help us relax. 




This week in Maths, we have started to learn how to add two 1 digit numbers together. We created a large part, part, whole diagram on the classroom carpet to help use see the addition process. Over the week, we practised using our part, part, whole diagrams with practical resources before moving on to using pictorial representation to solve addition problems. 



This week in Art, we have continued to study our focus artist: Paul Klee. We discovered that he uses lots of different 2D shapes in his art work alongside different colours and tints. We practised this technique and by using our knowledge of colour mixing, we were able to produce colours and tints by adding white. We are very excited to continue to use this skill in our own art. 


Road Safety Week 



This week in Collective Worship we have been learning all about road safety. We have watched videos together to help us remember the key steps of crossing the road. We then had fun acting out the main steps of: 









This week in PE we have been working towards running a mile. We each carefully run around the playground enough times to add up to a mile. We show resilience throughout this as it can be very challenging. 





This week in Maths, we have been learning about subtraction. We have now begun to record number sentences on our whiteboard and use pictures to help us understand what we are doing. We cross off the objects that we are subtracting to help us identify those that are left. 




This term in Geography, we have been identifying the 4 countries that make the UK. We all created some salt dough and carefully used it to sculpt the UK. Once all of the UK had been completed, we carefully colour coded each of the countries to help us remember. 





This week we have been exploring the creation of the world in RE. We have discussed how Christians believe that God created the world over seven days. We then reflected on our learning by visiting the 'Big Frieze' artwork and identifying all the different paint pots of creation.