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Applying Our Learning

Year 1 had a busy week but it was brilliant to see the children using their choosing time to practise and apply the learning we have been doing together.


The place value basketball game has been very popular and the children are getting very good and identifying the tens and ones in 2 digit numbers. It has also been an opportunity for children to show great teamwork and fellowship as they work together and help each other to play the game.



Meanwhile in the challenge area the children have been sorting a range of toys into 'old' and 'new' using what we have learnt in History and Science to help them.



In RE we are beginning to learn about some of the key ideas Christians believe about God. We started with the creation story and how there is just 1 God who created the world. We used different versions from storytelling Bible's for children and then used the props to act out and retell what happened.