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Anglo Saxon Term 1

Thank you to everyone who helped on our trip to West Stow! The children had a good time exploring Anglo-Saxon houses and learning about why and how they settled. 

In Maths this week we have been exploring negative and positive numbers. Today the children had different sets of numbers and had to order them coldest to hottest. 

Want to know how sound travels? Ask our year fours who spent the afternoon experimenting with how sounds change as you get further away from the sound source. They discussed and explained why this happens and made their own string telephones in pairs. 

Why did the Anglo Saxons come to England? Ask one of our Year Fours, who spent the afternoon investigating and examining different clues to determine why they settled here!

Alongside our dragons, we have been looking at how to write a non-chronological report. The children explored different reports and analysed their features, before sharing their findings as a class.

This week Year 4 were left a few surprises in the reflective garden! The children had to use their deductive skills to work out what the markings were and where the eggs had come from. We discovered that they belonged to the Anglo-Saxons and had the names of the Gods and Goddesses written on them. Now to find out why they are here...