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We had a fantastic visit from a tractor this week. The children loved sitting inside it and asking lots of questions to further their knowledge. Thank you to Willoughby Foods for bringing their tractor and giving the children lots of time to talk and listen.



Our story this week is 'Pumpkin Soup'. We have lots of activities relating to this story, including making silly soup, exploring a pumpkin, collaging a pumpkin and counting out pumpkin seeds.The children have also been trying to problem solve and make a conker float!







WC: 7.10.19

This week we are looking at the story "The Scarecrow's Wedding". The children have already begun to have a lot of fun making their own Scarecrow. They have also been exploring a tuff spot linked to farms and Harvest. The children have been identifying the animals on the farm and discussing the different vegetables growing in the fields. In Maths this week we are looking at matching numbers to quantities, so today the children have been counting Scarecrows and then finding the correct number on a number line. We made use of the gigantic puddle in the playground and practised writing our numbers using powder paints. The children have also been using their computing skills and counting objects on the interactive white board.









WC: 30.9.19

The Little Red Hen has been our focus this week and the children have really enjoyed listening to the story, retelling the story, ordering the story and actually making their own bread just like the Little Hen. They got their hands nice and dirty mixing up the dough and the children used some fantastic words to describe how it felt. In Maths we have been looking at numbers 1 - 10 using numicon and objects. The children are already beginning to match up the numicon to the correct number and are becoming very good at counting objects. We have continued to look at autumn and have been using conkers and pine cones within our choosing time. Our Phonics learning is amazing, the children have been writing sounds using chalks, hunting for sounds under a parachute and we are now beginning to blend our sounds together to make words.










WC: 23.9.19

Wow! What a busy week we have had. We have been learning about the Creation Story and how God created everything, even Jellyfish. The children really enjoyed painting their own Jellyfish and seeing them hung up in their classroom. In Maths we have been learning about one more and one less and we now know that when we add one more the number gets bigger and when we find one less the number gets smaller. During P.E the children had lots of fun throwing and catching balls to each other and they had a team game involving collecting up bean bags. This week we have been focusing on apples/autumn. The children have been tasting and describing apples and even using apples to recognise how words can hurt us on the inside during circle time. We have been writing initial sounds and using pastels to draw apples. The children have been helping me to build up sentences to describe apples.









WC: 16.9.19

We started the week off having a lovely walk around the school collecting leaves and splashing in the puddles! The children have been mixing paint to make different colours. This week we are learning all about shapes and the children have enjoyed hunting for shapes and then sorting them into different baskets.





We have done really well with our phonics, learning the sounds m,a,s,t,d and finding objects and words which begin with them. We have been writing these letters on the pavement, walls, in glitter and sorting objects that begin with the initial sound. Please help your child to learn these sounds using the cards we have sent home.  The children had lots of fun mixing different colours of paint using ice to wet their paintbrushes, they began to talk about why the ice was melting and how the colours were mixing together.



WC: 9.9.19


This week the children have spent lots of time outside using chalks and powder paint to make marks and forms letters and numbers. The stream has been enjoyed for taking turns with boats and talking to each other. The outside role play has been turned into a cafe, where the children are making lunches, delicious drinks and writing menus. We had our first PE lesson this week and the children were so confident in getting changed and asking for help if they needed it. We now know how to use the trim-trail safely. We talked about our classroom rules this week and the children helped to make our own special potion of the rules we all want to have in our classroom. 








We have had an amazing start to the year. All of the children enjoyed their first week of school and we are very proud of how well they are settling in. Take a look at some of the exciting activities they have already taken part in.