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3S Honesty Class


Welcome to Honesty Class



Mrs Stockwell

Mrs Fixter



Welcome back to Term 5!


We hope you had a lovely Easter Break and enjoyed being able to get out and explore.


We are super excited to begin this term and have all the children back.  It will be a busy term with lots of summer term annual activities happening. 

Please head over to the Term 5 - Summer Star 1 to review our learning focuses this term.  Our overarching Question this term is: 'Can a wrong always be put right?' and our theme is 'The Empire Strikes Back' which is centred around the Roman Era. 


Maths will continue to explore Fractions to build on last terms knowledge and in English we will be writing to entertain using a video clip of a Roman Soldier.


Homework will continue to be sent home weekly as well as spellings, please ensure children are learning their Year 3/4 Spelling words and recalling the following times tables: 2,3,4,5,8 and 10.


Keep checking our Summer 1 Star for photos and updates of  our learning. 


Welcome back and what a pleasure it is to see the children again and their eagerness to learn.  It will most certainly help prepare them in their next stage of the school term. Although, outside of school there may seem much uncertainty, inside, the children will be embracing the positivity, kindness and learning that sets our school apart.


A new term signals a new overarching question that provides the children with the opportunity to question, think, reflect and evaluate the subjects they are learning in order to draw conclusions in a spiritual way. We hope you enjoy the term alongside us and enjoy seeing how the children make a difference a long the way.


We are looking forward to the season of Advent, understanding the count down to Jesus' birth, through a variety of activities such as; stories and drama, art skills, carols, spreading kindness and thoughtfulness for the community. We will be keeping the spirit of Christmas alive here at St. Thomas'. 



Homework will be set weekly and children will also have weekly spellings, times tables to learn that will be tested on Fridays as well as to frequently learn to read and spell Year 3 common words.


Term 3 class novel



Our new class novel for term 2


Melding science fiction with fairy tale, The Iron Man tells the story of a gigantic metal robot who appears out of nowhere, crashing onto the beach and shattering into many parts. He is discovered by Hogarth, a young boy. The Iron Man proceeds to devour farm machinery, until the farmers rise up against him.


Our Class Novel


Stig of the dump

By Clive King


Barney is a solitary little boy who often wanders off by himself in the countryside. Exploring an old chalk pit, he finds himself in a cave where he meets a strange boy who wears a rabbit skin and speaks in grunts. His grandparents don't believe Barney when he tells them about his new cave boy friend - but nevertheless, the two enjoy plenty of fun together.

This lovely story about the unlikely friendship between Barney and stone-age Stig has stood the test of time.


Books to support our learning this term


We are looking forward to working with our children and families again.

As part of our quest to ensure children grow into respectful, tolerable and grounded individuals we will be answering an overarching question each term.  Please spend time talking to your child about this question and the possible answers and debates.


Our overarching question:

Term 1:'Who decides what is acceptable?'

Term 2: Are all humans inevitably full of Hope?